About WhyEaster.com

My name is James Cooper and I'm a webdesigner from Somerset, England, U.K.

This site came about because of another site I have made. It is called whychristmas?com and is at www.whychristmas.com. You might have even been to it! I made whychristmas?com in 2000 and several of my friends and family asked 'Are you going to do WhyEaster.com next?'. It seemed to be the right thing to do, so here it is!

As a Christian, the most important part of Easter to me is the Easter Story, that took place about 2000 years ago, when Jesus Christ was killed and then rose from the dead to save the world.

The story in WhyEaster.com follows on from where the one whychristmas?com finishes and the two stories are the basis for the Christian faith.

However, the really big 'Whys' of Easter to me are why we celebrate Easter the way we do. Such as, why do we eat lots of Easter Eggs and why do there seem to be lots of pictures with bunnies running every where!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the site, please contact me.